Why do you need personal information about two of our bank account signatories?

During the registration process for unregistered groups we ask you to supply the details of two signatories on your organisations bank account.

As part of our validation process for unregistered charities and community groups, Localgiving uses Experian to verify and authenticate these named individuals. The Experian system uses data from a number of sources to ensure that signatories and charities are who they say they are, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud. This creates a level of protection for Localgiving and users of Localgiving.

The information requested from these individuals is the minimum required to accurately authenticate the identity of signatories and in turn charities and community groups.

  • All personal information supplied to Localgiving is used only for the purposes of performing an Experian check to authenticate said information.
  • An Experian check will not be performed without consent.
  • All personal information supplied is only used for validation purposes.
  • All personal information requested is both adequate and relevant for the purposes of an Experian authentication search.
  • Localgiving ensures that personal information is not kept longer than necessary, once the validation process has been completed satisfactorily and the charity/group is registered with Localgiving, any paper documents containing personal information are either shredded or archived securely. Any electronic personal information is stored on our secure severs as per our Privacy Policy.

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