Using videos to build your appeal

Building support is key to a successful appeal - its all about bringing your cause to life, and getting people in your community involved in donating to a specific target during your campaign. Make sure the goal is specific and that there is urgency attached to the appeal.


Set an ambitious, but realistic target, and get everyone in your organisation and community behind it. Asking lots of people for moderate donations is often the best way to go. Be transparent about your aims - how much do you need to raise? What do you think a reasonable donation would be? How many supporters will you need to make your appeal a success?

A video can be a great way to tell your charity's story in an engaging and personal way.

  • Tell people why you  got started - what is the challenge in the community that your group helps to overcome?
  • Use statistics and figures to demonstrate what you will do with the money raised, and how you have used donations in the past.
  • Create an emotional connections - use stories of service users and volunteers to create a personal pull to your charity.



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