Top tips to increase donations through your Localgiving page


A logo can make your charity look more professional to prospective donors.



One of the simplest and most effective ways to showcase your work and your impact is through photos.

A photo is essential to complete your Localgiving page. You can upload a minimum of one photo and a maximum of three. The first photo that you upload will be the main photo that appears when people search for your charity, so this should be your most striking one. Try to use photos that include people or service users (if this is appropriate); the best images are those that tell a story about the work your charity does.


Charity Headline

The headline is the first thing people will read on your page. It should summarise the unique work that your charity does, so make it short, to the point and punchy. It needs to be 100 characters or less.

Example headline – Providing day services and support to adults with physical and sensory disabilities and their carers.


Page Text

You have a lot of flexibility over the written information about your organisation on your Localgiving page; however, we advise following the following structure to create a compelling case for support.

Purpose of your charity - This section lets supporters see why your charity exists and how it serves the local community.

A short example would be: Charity X provides high quality and affordable day services, activities and support to adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities and their carers living in Countyshire.

Benefit to the community - This section lets supporters understand the specific needs of your community, the people who benefit and what your charity does to make a difference.

A short example would be: Charity X is a unique group that provides an essential service to over 90 disabled children and a regular break to over 100 unpaid carers.

Results and outcomes - This section lets supporters understand the positive outcomes of the work undertaken by your organisation.

A short example would be: Charity X is a user-led group. The majority of our staff are either disabled or have personal caring experience. In 2011 we helped 92 disabled children and provided respite to 103 carers


Donation Examples

Use donation examples to show people the impact that a donation can have. The idea here is to encourage people to donate by showing them how far their donation can go. Try not to use amounts that are to high so that people can see how far a modest donation can go.

Make sure to click 'Update' at the bottom of the page to make changes to your Localgiving page live.


Please watch the video below to see how to update your Localgiving page.


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