What is an appeal page?

Appeal pages work in a similar way to crowd funding pages, where backers can pledge to donate a certain amount towards a total target amount, which must be met within a specified time period. Some traditional crowdfunding pages will only collect the donations if the target is reached, but don’t worry - with Localgiving appeals you will benefit from every donation made through the page, even if you don’t meet your target.

Appeal pages have a fundraising target. This is the total amount you hope to raise by the end of the appeal. You can manually add funds that you have raised offline or through other sources to show your progress. 

Appeal pages feature a thermometer showing the amount you have raised so far and a count down of the number of days until the appeal is over. This page enables you to drive donations with a sense of urgency and focus your fundraising on a specific campaign. Your supporters can keep up to date with how close you are to your target, and leave messages of support along with their donation.

Appeal pages give you the opportunity to run a specific and targeted fundraising campaign over a  period of up to 90 days. You can set the dates that you’d like the appeal to run over. The page appeal page can be set up in advance, so you have time to get any materials in place in advance of starting your campaign - add the unique url to your newsletter, upload a video to the appeal page, or just start telling people about it!



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