More information on the documents required from unregistered groups for validation

Please note all of the following documentation can be uploaded during the registration process.

Alternatively you can invite another member of your organisation to upload the appropriate document, or post it or email it to us once you have completed the registration process.

Bank statement

We require a copy of your organisation’s bank statement to verify the details you provide during registration with Localgiving.

The statement must include the name of the account, the account number, and sort code and should be dated within the past 3 months.

You can upload a scanned or photographed copy of an original bank statement, a statement downloaded from your online banking or a screenshot of your online banking, as long as all the information is shown and clearly legible.

A copy of your group's constitution/rules/articles of association

We require copy of your group's governing documents, this may be the rules of your club, articles of association, or constitution.

We do require that a dissolution clause or asset lock is included, and that there is provision for at least three trustees/directors/board or committee members.

Please find information on setting up a small charity and creating governing documents here.

A copy of your group's most recent accounts

Please provide the accounts that your group has for the most recent financial year, this can be a simple income and expenditure account and we do not require audited accounts.

If your group is new, we may accept a budget or forecast in the place of accounts. We reserve the right to request more detailed accounts if necessary. 

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