Validation process for unregistered charities

Groups that are not registered with the Charity Commission (England and Wales), The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, or OSCR (Scotland) will need to provide the following information during registration with Localgiving:

  1. A signed copy of the group's constitution, governing document, or articles of association. This must include provision for at least three trustees, two of whom are unrelated, and a dissolution clause that states that assets will be passed to another similar organisation in the event of the group winding up.
  2. A copy of last year's annual accounts, or a budget/forecast in the case of a newly formed group.
  3. Details of 2 named signatories on your group’s bank account
  4. The bank details for your organisation’s bank account and a recent statement so we can verify these details. This can be an online statement, a scanned copy or photo of an original bank statement, or an original bank statement. The statement must be dated within the last three months.

Please note that you can upload these documents, invite someone else to upload them later or send them to us via email.

Once you have completed the registration process, we will process your group’s application, usually within one working day. If everything is ok we will get your Localgiving page live straight away.

This validation process involves working closely with charity regulators, including the Charity Commission and Companies House, so we can confidently verify the authenticity of an organisation, its management, finances and objectives.  

If we require any further information, we will be in touch, otherwise once approved, your group's Localgiving page will go live and will be ready to fundraise online!

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