Why do we validate groups on Localgiving?

Validation is an important part of our commitment to provide local communities with a trusted source of local charities that work towards legitimately charitable aims.

At Localgiving, we welcome not only groups registered with the Charity Commission, but also community groups who aren’t registered charities. With this in mind, the goal of our validation process is to provide supporters with the peace of mind enabling them to give with confidence - and to give more!

All groups need to be validated before joining Localgiving, but the process differs for registered and unregistered charities.

Our validation process involves a number of security checks to determine that, in addition to meeting eligibility criteria, the charity or community organisation is:

  • a legitimate entity with clear charitable aims and objectives

  • not engaged in any fraudulent activity

  • operated by suitable parties

  • has a local constitution, good financial records, a bank account and can guarantee the money will be spent locally



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