My Localgiving page is showing “Donation not possible”

Oh no! There are three possible reasons why this could happen.

1) Are you logged into your organisation’s account?

You cannot make a donation if you are logged in to a charity account on the Localgiving website. Please hover over “Account” in the top right hand corner of the screen and log out to make a donation using a supporter account.

2) Is your membership overdue?

To renew your membership, please log in to your Localgiving account, download the form from the ‘My Membership’ section and send it

3) Have you updated your bank details?

When you update your bank details in your Localgiving account we need to see a copy of a statement in order to verify the new details.

If you were unable to upload a statement when you updated the details you will need to either post us a copy of the bank statement or email it to us at Once we have the statement we will be able to verify your details and your page should be able to receive donations again.




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